Climbing Ivy ...



IMG_6291j comp

My dear sweet Ivy.
Although I've never met you in real life, I care deeply for you.
I know what those stupid doctors in the land Down Under want to do to you.
Or rather, what they refuse to do.
If they don't change their mind real fast, I'm going to find a way to get you to Belgium, and get you treated here.
Nowhere in my mind am I going to allow this to happen to you,
my sweet little Princess. I am sure I can find a way to scare the living daylights out of them. I'll think of something, don't you worry!
Maybe I could also throw in a Castle, and a very handsome clever Prince for you?
What do you think?
There is a slight age difference between the two of you, but that should not really be a problem. Older men have a certain way with things,he would be bliss ...
I'll show you the castle Ivy, see?
It has red doors.
And one door opens into the next one.

IMG_6326j comp

There are angels, there look ...


IMG_6325j comp

Princesses should always have a mirror.
There's your mirror, Ivy. You can check how pretty you are.
I'l show the world how pretty you are, look ...



There, wouldn't that be something?
Have to warn you about one thing though.
He has a way with ladies, and he knows how to charm them.
But that my dear, that is a blessing too!
Believe me, I know!

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How very lovely this is - how very lovely a person you are.

Gepost door: lceel | 05-09-08

Opening Doors... That darling child is Ivy? What a little beauty! Certainly a princess suitable for ANY castle! And a mighty handsome prince too!

Gepost door: Melli | 05-09-08

Thank you for this. It means so much.

Gepost door: tiff | 05-09-08

Beautiful photos, each one!

Gepost door: willow | 06-09-08


Gepost door: Christine | 06-09-08

Ivy is BEAUTIFUL! I hope my granddaughter looks just like her. :)

Gepost door: lisa's chaos | 06-09-08

what a great mirror and ..

what a beautifil sight! :-))

Gepost door: curieuzeneuzemosterdpot | 06-09-08

wowww jientje
wat een pareltjes van foto's.
schitterend, dat kleine ding kan nu al iedereen om der pinkie draaien :-)

Gepost door: klaproos | 06-09-08

Opening Doors You have very cute kids, Jientje. I love the door in this post... so beautiful.

Gepost door: Alice | 06-09-08

Carver' Site or is that sight What a beautiful girl. Wonderful doors. I love the shade of red with the gold designs. Magnificent. I'm thinking this is the last day of the door challenge (Saturday). If not I have plenty of doors left but my Saturday doors post is up. Thank you so much for this fun challenge.

Gepost door: Carver | 06-09-08

Hmmm... ga je nu fulltime over op het Engels? Het levert in ieder geval reakties op hè? ;-)))
Hi, I'm back, safe and sound! And I know that handsome prince...but who's Ivy? :-)

Gepost door: mizzD | 06-09-08

Gorgeous photo, Jientje! Love the red! However do you find time to keep two blogs going????

Gepost door: Evelyn | 06-09-08

Keyhole Pictures The door looks very beautiful, such a nice color ! and of course little princesses needs a mirror, lol ! what a cutie !

Gepost door: Gattina | 06-09-08

ocharme toch... Ik heb gans het verhaal van Ivy gelezen, en ik trok ZULKE ogen!
Florian heeft op de lijst gestaan om net die baxters te krijgen, maar er werd eerst nog iets anders geprobeerd in combinatie met het trekken van poliepen en amandelen, en antibiotica en ik weet de naam van het medicijn niet meer. Zijn immuniteitswaarden stegen. Heel langzaam, over een periode van een half jaar ofzo, maar ze stegen en uiteindelijk had hij de baxters niet nodig, maar ze waren er wel. En dan te zeggen dat ik het maar heel normaal vond dat die baxters voorhanden zouden zijn! Ik kan het niet geloven dat dat in Australië niet zo is!


Gepost door: Inge | 06-09-08

Opening Doors - Saturday Hi Jientje. I'm looking for your Saturday post for Opening Doors. Did you forget that you included Saturday in the challenge? haha. I have so much enjoyed playing along with this challenge. My Saturday post has been up for some time now, if you care to visit later on.

Gepost door: Alice | 06-09-08

Dr. John's Fortress I loved the red doors on the castle. A fitting end to the week of doors.

Gepost door: Dr John | 06-09-08

Great red doors. Beautiful princess. The sea serpent is handsome, too! This is a fun post!

Gepost door: quilly | 06-09-08

Wauw, in het engels !

Gepost door: els | 07-09-08

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